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Trapped Pt.1

Depression hits me like the breeze

Making everything in my body completely freeze

The worst part about this cyclical problem is not knowing when I’ve hit the bottom

Days turn into months with no signs of hope

Lost inside my insecurities I have to cope

Trapped inside a tunnel with no light at the end

Telling people everything is okay when it’s all just pretend



She was all his heart desired

Everything about her was to be admired

Her soul shines so bright, it doesn’t matter if it were day or night

There’s no way you could miss such a beautiful sight

Her demeanor quite possibly the hardest thing to explain

It makes your entire body impossible to tame



Nobody understood how someone could be so comfortable on their own

How someone could be so loving and thoughtful without having any love shown

Watching everything he loved fall apart made everything seem so fragile

This is why broken hearts are so agile



Acting as if everything is okay on the surface

Wondering how much longer I can last without feeling any purpose

Why would anybody want to show me love

My own parents couldn’t even express what was supposed to be true-love

Eventually we reach a braking point

Especially when people say that all you do is disappoint


From the ashes

Lost and confused with nowhere to turn

My closest friends left me in the flames to burn

They thought that would be the last time they would ever see me

Unfortunately it just made me even more angry

So if you wonder why I act so differently

Just ask those who treated me so belligerently



People mistake his demeanor for being to serious

Everyone he knows tells him he’s so mysterious

He didn’t choose to be this way

Everything just changed when he woke up one day

Constantly trying to figure things out

Only led him to having more doubt



Living in a constant state of haze

He wasn’t sure what it was like to live without being in such a daze

Then one day those clouds drifted far away

Taking away all the things he’s always wanted to say

Being depressed for so long he felt more lost when his mind was finally clear

He looks into the sky hoping those clouds will reappear